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The first folding director's rocking chair’s team of experts have designed the world’s first folding rocking chair, creating an innovative piece of furniture which is both comfortable and practical, and which can be used anywhere at any time for relaxation and fun.

The sophistication of clean shapes and the colors trendy meet the classic design of the traditional rocking director’s chair crafted from the Caribbean, created according to definite proportions, that meet different needs, always ensuring a comfortable seat, with angles and well-calculated geometric shapes.

The rocking chair is a balancing act, brings to light-heartedness, the idea of freedom of movement, relaxing, harmonious oscillation of the waves and colors of tropical beaches.


  • Marcella Lai (photo)
  • Cristian Dettori, (song «Su Dai»)
  • Airton e Libero Cozzolino (partners)
  • Barbara, Stefano, Laura, Liz, Matthias e Uponadream.


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