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The Original Director's Rocking Chair

Available in many colors and variants

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Swing Deluxe Rover

The luxury of the leather, for the most demanding

With free leather bag brings magazines!

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L’originale idea di riciclo

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Tank-U: a tank with thousands souls.

Tank-U was born because it was already there! I only picked up, cleaned and adapted to my and everyone’s  environment. I gave it some legs, I dressed it and gave it a hat. Here there is Tank-U, for  the desire to tidy up what all the people throw away.


  • 100% pure re cycling
  • Divested tank (previously containing liquids) sanitized and purified
  • Every piece is a unique one, its shape and height results from crushing of a special press
  • Water paint
  • Versatile furnishing item, container, sit, table and other depending on choice of accessory

A tank can be a large container, or a table or a sit. Tank-U is colorful and funny, put it where you want but don’t throw it anymore!


The product is composed by a tank with the cover you choose. Furthermore you can choose:

  • WHEELS: you can easily move your Tank-U wherever you want.
  • PERFORATED COVER: a funny umbrella stand.
  • PILLOW: to optimize spaces you can sit on.
  • TABLE: Tank-U is now a funny table for your dining room or where you prefer.


Tank-U Art

Giovanni D’Oria non si è fermato all’originale idea di riciclo, realizzando dei veri e propri pezzi artistici. Con il contributo di diversi artisti friulani di fama internazionale: Caneva, Borzani, Simeoni, Feruglio, Rosaspina, Vidoni, che si sono prestati con entusiasmo alla personalizzazione dei fusti.

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